April 3 2022
League Bowling  is entering their final weeks with playoffs from April 4 to 14. Spring League will start Wednesday nights on April 27th. Public bowling will continue until the end of June after which we will close for the month of July for staff holidays and yearly maintainance, Reopening after the August long weekend to begin the 2022 / 2023 Bowling Season. We wish all an enjoyable summer in the Cariboo and Thank You for your support of our Centre. 

January 3 2022
League Bowling begins the second half of the Season. Public Bowling available at reduced hours and reduced capacity of 50%. 2022 Executive has been elected with first meeting to be held January 10 at 10 AM at the Bowling Lanes.

November 1 2021
All bowlers in league or open play are required to show Vaccine papers before bowling.  This change of policy due to the dictates of the BC Health Authority. It is unknown how long the Health Department will be demanding this policy be enforced. Welcome to the "Brave New World"

September 16 2021
Information has been distributed by the Provincial Health Authority regarding the BC Health pass. Regarding Bowling, the following information has been received.

Examples of places that don't require proof of vaccination.

bowling alleys (if they are unlicensed
or don't offer food-related table service)   

The 2021/2022 bowling season is now underway.

August 7 2021
Public Bowling has restarted. Schedule and rates available at

There will be an Association executive meeting on August 22 at 10 AM. Meeting at the Bowling Lanes.

League bowling will begin September 10 with the Friday 55+ League, with night leagues starting the week of Sept. 19. Team Captains will be contacted by phone between  August 25 and September 10th.
Youth Bowling will begin registration Sept. 13.

Anyone not already signed up and wishing to join a team or enter a team in any of the leagues, should contact the lanes at 250-392-5526. This includes Youth Bowling, Adult Leagues, and 55+ league.

July 9 2021
Cariboo Bowling Lanes will be closed during the Month of July for Maintenance and Staff Vacations. Reopening  August 4 to begin the 2021 / 2022 League Bowling Season. Open Bowling will commence August 4. Check out for times and rates.
Team Captains can expect a phone call in early September to confirm team spots for the upcoming season.  We wish everyone a pleasent Summer holiday.

March 3 2021
Still waiting on word from Provincial Authorities as to when we can return to regular schedule. Adult League and Senior League season has been cancelled for the year. Youth Bowling and Open play continues with limited hours.
Check out for times and rates.

January 20 2021
We are awaiting word from Health Dept. as to when we can reopen our Adult and Senior Leagues. We expect to have some news Feb. 5 2021 one way or the other.
Public Open Play is available Friday, Saturday, Sunday only, until further notice.

December 9 2020
New edict from Provincial Health Authority.
All adult sports are canceled until January 8 2021.
Youth sports can continue, as well as Public Bowling.

We will be following the new dictates until we receive further information.

The following was received December 8 from BowlBC our Provincial Governing Body.

"Yesterday’s update announced by Bonnie Henry did not go as we had hoped, with her extending the current PHO to January 8th. She did imply that more detailed orders regarding sport will come out within the next few days and since we have received no new information from Via Sport as of this morning, we are forced to continue with no adult league bowling until we hear otherwise.
Last week, Bowl BC sent a second letter to Bonnie’s office, this one explaining the impact these orders have on our businesses, as well as how bowling leagues are played, how we are able to distance and sanitize and how we can keep our bowlers safe. We are hoping this will be taken into consideration when the full details of the order are released.
Youth leagues may continue, focusing on drills and training and public bowling may also continue with household and immediate bubble groups.
I will keep you updated as the new information is available. "

November 20 2020


Have just received email from BOWLBC clarifying what the new BC Health Order means for bowling.
League Bowling  will continue with Mandatory Masks, no spectators, and no travel outside community.

We will be calling Team Captains to restart the leagues.

From the BOWLBC President;

"Dear Members, 
Upon receipt and discussion of the latest Provincial Health Orders, it is Bowl BC's position that league bowling can continue/resume with the mandatory mask mandate and physical distancing in place.  No spectators are allowed. 
While league bowling happens with people outside of ones household, "Sport" has been given a pass.  Safety Plans need to be updated and adhered too. Masking indoors is now mandatory.  
Participation in Sport means staying within your own health region and/or community until (at least) Dec 7.  We ask member centres to encourage bowlers to comply with the orders on this and implement ways that teams/individuals will not be penalized. 
Please see the attached and updated Bowl BC Safety Plan as well as the updates to the Via Sport Return to Sport Plan.  
Open Play bowling can continue for household groups within their health region, again masking indoors is now mandatory. 
If you have not done so already, please update your centre's safety plan and be prepared for an inspection.  Feel free to reach out if you need assistance with this.   We are relying on each other to uphold the reputation of the bowling industry in keeping our staff, customers and communities safe.

Original Post

With new Health Orders regarding limited contact between individuals, due to the Covid situation, we have decided to postpone our League Bowling for the period Nov. 20 to Dec. 7 to comply with the BC Health Officer's decree. Team captains are being notified of the situation and further information will be provided as the situation is clarified.

Public drop in bowling will continue with limited hours and under the new restrictions demanded by the Health Authority. The most significant new demand is the wearing of masks for all indoor activities.  

We will keep our bowlers posted with any new information.  Thank you for your continued support.

Sept. 7 2020
League Bowling now underway

League bowling is about to start. All precautions outlined by the Health Dept. are being followed . We have been operating through the month of August with Public Bowling and have adjusted our  operations to conform. To date, this has worked well. Our goal has been to begin each day with a sanitized and disinfected facility and then ensure the "bug"  does not enter during the day.  Rinse and Repeat.

Our added feature this year is  a new and upgraded  scorekeeping system, bringing our system into the 21st century. The new graphic animations are exceptional  and ease of use improved significantly. We encourage all to come down and try the new system out.

July 29 2020

We encourage you to bring your Social Bubble Bowling.

To provide a safe environment for Bowlers at Cariboo Bowl, our priorities are;

To ensure a completely disinfected building at the opening of each day.
To restrict all access to any that may be carriers of the virus during the day.

To provide a safe Covid free environment we are using the following solutions to achieve these goals.

1) The occupied area of the building is disinfected each evening through manual sanitizing of all touch points with alcohol solutions, and use of portable Ultraviolet (UVC) and Ozone generators during closed hours for disinfection before opening the next day.

2) Refuse entry to any that may show signs as carriers of the virus.
It remains the responsibility of the individual to stay away should they be exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.  Those entering will be asked of their health conditions and denied access should symptoms be present.

3) All are required on entrance to sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizing or washing is encouraged after use of bathroom facilities, common touch points and before leaving the building.

4) Upon entry, Bowlers will follow social distancing rules between different groups and follow direction of staff in counter areas to ensure distancing is maintained.

5) Air recirculating within the building is continually being disinfected through the use of Ultraviolet light  (UVC) units mounted within the furnace and A/C duct system.

6) Exhaust fans at the rear of the building are continually removing air from the front of the building towards the rear and then outdoors to create an ongoing fresh air supply exchange within the facility.

7) Lanes are rented leaving a vacant lane between each group. Maximum 6 persons per lane and 30 bowlers maximum in the facility. With reduced lanes in use, social distancing can be maintained between each group.

8) 8) Ongoing disinfection with alcohol solution of all common touch points and bathrooms during open hours.

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